Karen Geldmacher

Professor/Student Advisor

Central Arizona College



Ag Teachers Creed

John Morgan


Chino Valley Agribusiness john.morgan@yc.edu

​928 717-7721

Requirements for CTE Teaching Certification in Arizona:

Robert Torres

Professor and Department Head

Agricultural Education rtorres1@email.arizona.edu


Have you ever considered a career teaching Agriculture? There are many wonderful opportunities in agricultural education in the state of Arizona and beyond. More than just a career, teaching ag is a lifestyle. Agricultural Education Instructors make a positive difference in the lives of their students and allow them opportunities to grow as individuals and become productive members of society.

Collegiate Opportunities

I am an agricultural educator by choice and not by chance.

I believe in American agriculture; I dedicate my life to its development and the advancement of its people.

I will strive to set before my students by my deeds and actions the highest standards of citizenship for the community, state and nation.

I will endeavor to develop professionally through study, travel and exploration.

I will not knowingly wrong my fellow teachers. I will defend them as far as honesty will permit.

I will work for the advancement of agricultural education and I will defend it in my community, state and nation.

I realize that I am a part of the school system. I will work in harmony with school authorities and other teachers of the school.

My love for youth will spur me on to impart something from my life that will help make for each of my students a full and happy future.

University of Arizona

The University of Arizona is the Land Grant University of the state of Arizona. The Department of Agricultural Education in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences provides one of the top Teaching Preparation programs in the country and puts out high-quality agricultural education teachers. Here you will find contact information and links to the University of Arizona's Agricultural Education Department and Program.

Yavapai Community College

Yavapai Community College helps prepare students to choose a career in agriculture and a pathway that can take you to the University. With a dedicated staff and small community feel, you can prepare yourself to start making a difference.

Central Arizona College

Central Arizona College provides wonderful opportunities for its students to prepare themselves for a career in agricultural education. With a wonderful and loving staff, you will find many courses that can prepare you for any career in agriculture and on your way to teaching it as well.