The Arizona Agriculture Teachers Association is an organization that provides leadership and professional development opportunities for Arizona Agricultural Educators. We are a diverse group of individuals who pride themselves on their passion, dedication, and family-like inclusion.




As Agriculture Educators in Arizona, we believe strongly in the relationships that we build with our students, colleagues, communities, and industry personnel.

It is imperative in this day and age to form strong and long-lasting relationships and members of the AATA are prime examples of such practices.


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2018 AATA Fall Conference Highlights!

In a fast-moving world of agriculture and technology, we find it crucial to provide our students with up-to-date technologies, techniques and tactics in their educational experiences.

Being relevant in a world where technology changes daily, allows us to prepare the industry with high quality workers.

Arizona Agriculture Teachers from across the state attend Fall Conference to network, develop professionally, and attend workshops geared towards bettering their programs. 

AATA would also like to thank the Arizona Farm Bureau and the Arizona FFA Foundation for their continued support of the Program Evaluation Teacher Retention tool.

We are agricultural educators. The most important word here being educator. It is our duty to educate our students in many ways. 

Agriculture is our tool. We see it necessary to teach our students beyond the realm of just agriculture education but instill in them life lessons, leadership abilities, and a great work ethic!

When working with students and colleagues to provide high quality education in the agriculture industry, we make it a point to be very meticulous in our work.

Agriculture Educators in Arizona provide students with top-quality instruction and in-lab content to prepare them for success beyond high school.